Why We Exist

Why We Exist
The story behind ImpRes People…

Companies recognise they need to continue to improve to remain competitive and when it comes to where to improve, they generally know this too.

The challenge most ouf our clients face is finding top talent to integrate within their business, define the areas for improvement and, most importantly, roll up their sleeves and get it done.

The current Labour Hire vendors provide a source of low cost resources however our clients are telling us they are not happy with their level of service:

  • They haven’t worked in technical or improvement roles before
  • They rely heavily on the client to determine the best fit
  • They have a high rate of “failure”
  • They take little responsibility for the individual once embedded within your organisation (including a lack of coaching)
  • The individuals don’t come with a suite of tools, templates and methodologies to hit the ground running
Something needs to change…
The ImpRes People platform provides only the best technical, engineering & improvement resources, then put a value-add support network around them to maximise their value to your organisation.
And all at comparable rates.